Catuai - 250g

Region Cañas Verdes, Boquete, Panama

Altitude 1200-1600 meters above sea level

Varietal Catuai

Processing Honey process

An espresso coffee with deep fruit flavours, balanced with caramel sweetness.

Dried on african style raised beds to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Packed into CO2 neutral bags.

* 250g per bag.

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Choose your grind size:
Whole beans
Cold brew
French press
Flat bottom pour over / Drip
Processing method

Processing method

Honey process

This process consists of removing just the pulp from the coffee cherries after harvest. By removing the pulp, the cherry is left with its sweet and sticky honey, which is where the “honey” process gets its name from. The cherries are then taken directly to bamboo beds to be dried in the sun. During this process, the beans need constant stirring in order to dry properly.

Honey-processed coffees often exhibit a pronounced sweetness and complexity, due to the fruit’s honey layer that remains in contact with the bean during drying. The cup generally has a fuller body than washed coffee, but it is cleaner than naturally-processed coffee.



Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Packaging

In our pursuit of sustainable luxury, we prioritize responsible packaging that cradles your purchase. The bags enveloping our coffee hail from a producer dedicated to carbon neutrality. These CO2-neutral bags not only exude sophistication but also reflect our unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Your purchase will be delivered in a fully recyclable cardboard box, meticulously crafted to protect your product and minimize its ecological footprint. Sourced from producers who prioritize eco-friendly materials, this box encapsulates our vision for a greener planet. Every step of our packaging journey is a testament to our dedication to both quality and environmental responsibility, ensuring your high-end experience is not just luxurious but also sustainable.

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