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Discover La Huella, where timeless tradition meets luxury coffee craftsmanship.


Our premium coffees, curated in exclusive boutique batches, evolve seasonally, reflecting the dynamic conditions of our treasured farm. With artisanal crafting, we draw out distinctive flavors, inviting you to savor the unmatched richness of La Huella with every sip.


Select your coffee and relish the taste of true exclusivity!

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  • Fresh roast per each order

    Fresh roast per each order

    At La Huella, we roast beans only upon your order, promising unparalleled freshness.
    Within 24 hours, we meticulously roast and package your coffee, delivering the pinnacle of coffee quality directly to you.
  • A seasonal taste symphony in limited batches

    A seasonal taste symphony in limited batches

    Every season, our micro-lots yield uniquely flavored coffee, available in limited batches.
    We adapt our methods to nature's nuances, ensuring each bean's utmost potential. Experience the privilege of savoring coffee that few will ever taste.
  • From farm to cup

    From farm to cup

    Unlike the multi-layered traditional coffee trade, we oversee every step from cultivation to cup.
    By growing, processing, and directly delivering our coffee, we ensure unmatched freshness and quality. For our discerning customers, this means savoring coffee in its purest, most authentic form.
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