Coffee Tasting

Join us for an exclusive coffee tasting experience!
Take part in an unforgettable coffee tasting experience that takes you on a journey through the rich flavors and traditions of La Huella - Cafe de Panama.
Perfect for both coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, our private tasting sessions are designed to highlight the exceptional quality and unique characteristics of award-winning Panamanian coffees.
Event Details
Private Tasting Sessions: For groups of 2-6 people
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: €25 / person
Langugage: English / Spanish
Coffee Selection: Two award-winning coffees from La Huella - Cafe de Panama, including Geishas and Catuais
What to Expect
Special Gift: All participants will receive a free gift of coffee samples at the end of their session.
Expert Guidance: Our professional barista will brew each coffee by hand, using the most suitable methods to highlight their unique flavors.
Premium Coffee: Taste two of the finest coffees from La Huella - Cafe de Panama, known for its award-winning Geishas and Catuais.
Educational Experience: Learn about the journey of the coffee from farm to cup, including the origins, processing methods, and what makes each coffee unique.
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Additional information
Additional Information:
· A minimum of 2 people per booking session is required. If there are not enough people booked for a specific session, your session may be moved to another time slot or combined with other confirmed sessions.
· In such an event, you will be contacted and notified prior to the coffee tasting event.
· If you do not agree with the new timeslot, you can request a cancellation, and a refund will be issued.
· For a full refund, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

About La Huella - Cafe de Panama


La Huella - Cafe de Panama is renowned for producing some of the world’s best coffee.


Our farm is dedicated to sustainable practices and high-quality coffee production, ensuring that every cup is a testament to our expertise and passion.


Our Geisha and Catuai varieties have won numerous awards and are celebrated for their exceptional flavor profiles.

About Črno Zrno coffee shop


Nestled in Ljubljana's charming old town, our cozy coffee shop offers a unique and intimate atmosphere. Though small, our café is big on character and flavor, making it a favorite spot for coffee lovers.


Located on Gornji trg, our café is surrounded by historical sites and local culture.


Our owner, Alex, a passionate barista from Colombia, brings expertise to every cup. Visitors praise our superb coffee and warm service.

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