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Our story: A journey of coffee excellence

In 2011, the story of La Huella and Cafe de Panama began. It was in this year that Katarina and Pedro embarked on a passionate journey with coffee. They invested in a small coffee farm nestled on the picturesque slopes of Volcano Baru, located just above Boquete, Panama. Here, they started to cultivate micro and nano-lots of diverse coffee varieties.


Thanks to the region's ideal climatic conditions and the duo's relentless dedication and expertise, they were able to produce beans of unmatched quality.


Fast-forward to 2020, amidst the global pandemic, a new collaboration was brewing. Nika and Jernej joined forces with Pedro and Katarina, leading to the establishment of a La Huella branch in the European Union. This expansion has enabled us to deliver freshly roasted coffee beans to our valued customers - whom we consider family - crafted uniquely for each order.







We’ve decided to test the quality of our coffee in the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme – Great Taste. Since our first entry in cooperation with other roasters, our coffee has received more than 20 Great Taste awards.
Since 2021, we are participating in the competition under our own name Café de Panama – La Huella. Our coffee has been recognized as top-quality product and received Great Taste awards each year since!


Check out our awarded products here.

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